[SOLVED] Low PSU probably damaged my pc

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Mar 31, 2020
Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, english is my second language.
I chose pc parts and got it assembled because it was cheaper than buying already finished one. But when a was choosing parts I didn't know about psu efficiency so the psu wasn't probably enough. From start all was working correctly - even benchmarks weren't problem, but after some time pc started randomly crashing. Sometimes after starting and most of the time while browsing internet or playing games. When it crashes fans are still running and monitor doesn't have input but audio when it crashes mid-game continues normaly and if it crashes during youtube video last 0.1 seconds of the audio starts repeating really fast and then stops. I can't turn it off so I must hold the power button for 5 seconds to shut it down and then start again. After i installed better psu it still crashes randomly sometimes but not too often - better psu improved it a lot. Disabling fast boot in bios really helped with crashes right after start. Do you think it's fixable?

ryzen 5 1600
rx 590 8 Gb xfx fatboy
Prime B450-plus
16Gb corsair 3200Mhz
Previous psu: Be quiet! system power 9 500W 80Plus Bronze
Current psu: Seasonic GX-750 80 PLUS GOLD
(Temperatures aren't high)
Not open for further replies.