Question Low quality and quiet audio output especially in mid-range frequencies

Apr 1, 2020
I broke my audio interface a few days ago and I started using the Realtek HD Audio that came with my motherboard (Asus PRIME B360-PLUS). When I plug in my headphones and listen to music it sounds fine but starts to sound muffled and quiet after a few minutes. I've tried to plug it into different audio jacks but the results were the same.

Could this be a problem with my drivers? How would I be able to fix this?
Apr 1, 2020
The drivers could be the problem especially if you have not been using the onboard audio and the current drivers are old.

Try manually downloading the drivers via the manufacturer's website.

Reinstall and reconfigure.
How would I do this? Sorry I'm not very good at computing stuff and I'm afraid that I'll make mistakes and screw up my system hahah

My computer isn't old and I've had this issue ever since I first started using it

Also, I've tried to alter the position of which my headphones were put into the jack and pressed down on it and it sounded fine but I still heard some static in the background. Could this be a hardware problem?

I was planning on reinstalling the drivers before checking the hardware but I looked up the instructions on how to reinstall the audio software and it looked complicated. I just need to be sure that I wouldn't harm my pc if I made any mistakes deleting files or installing them. I also tried to update the driver and it said that I was running the latest version of it


Could be a jack or port problem.

Headphones and jack: try the headphones in another known working computer or audio device. Try another set of known working headphones in your computer.

Determine if the problem stays with your computer or follows the headphones.

You can also try an audio extension cord on the headset - a different jack going into the current host may fit tighter there would be no need to press down on the plug/port. Does the port wiggle and move?

What website did you go to or otherwise how did the "latest driver" response appear: Did you go to Realtek's website, Microsoft's website, or Asus?

For the most part installing drivers is just a matter of downloading a file, Clicking it to install, and then going into the applicable audio control panels to configure.

Here is a rather comprehensive link that may prove helpful. Just read the link for now and perhaps look for similar links. Two purposes: 1) to help you learn more about what all is or may be involved, and 2) to help you spot something that may have not been apparent at first or simply overlooked.

Windows 10 does have built in Troubleshooters. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

Yes, you can create more problems if you are not careful. Hopefully not too serious but there are things on the website that can really go off track....

That is why the present focus is to narrow down the possible culprits by discovery and elimination.

Will take the opportunity to add the reminder that you ensure that all your data is backed up, proven recoverable and readable.

That should be SOPs for everyone.