Low range gaming rig...PLs help


Jan 30, 2009
can u help me with my gaming rig...a low end one....i have decided to go for

amd athlon II 630 or 620

2 gb ddr3(which i wish to upgrade later)

I have gt a 19" tft of viewsonic,,..mouse & keyboard

can u help me with the best mobo,,,also the cheapest bt reliable

&&& the power supply & cabinet & cooler if reqd....pls take into account dt my budget is very very limited...

I wish to go for the hd4850 graphics card(which i intend to buy a few months later bcos of limited budget).
pls suggest any other graphics card below the range of 4850...
a friend of mine suggested the ASRock M3A770DE mobo....wt do you think about it???