Low Read/Write Transfer Rates Seagate 2TB


Jan 14, 2011
So I have 2 Seagate Barracuda 7200 2TB HDDs

One is a little older, a ST32000542AS (about a 18-month-old purchase)

The other one is the latest (as far as I know) model Barracuda 7200, the ST2000DM001

Recently I noticed that transfer rates had become sporadic and settled down around 40MB/s for the older one (ST32000542AS). It will dip and settle as low as 10MB/s before going back up to close to 60MB/s, with the occasional burst to around 100MB/s

The new one still averages 100MB/s+ and runs like a champ.

Both drives run about a 8-20ms seek time.

On the older one:

I ran checks and found no SMART failures (HD Tune Pro), nor bad sectors (HDD Regenerator; HD Tune Pro), but did find what HDD Regenerator called "Sector Delays". I don't know what these are nor could I find any info on them outside of the HDD Regenerator website.

I attempted to repair them but both runs didn't seem very effective.

Is there a firmware update I need to concern myself about, or are these early warning signs?

Could it have to do with HDD Channels on my mobo? (MSI 790X-G45)

Thanks in advance

Edit: ::Facepalm:: I didn't realize the Older drive is an LP version. I thought I had ordered a 7200. Turns out its obviously LP@5900.. Which explains the slower transfer rates, but not the sporadic behavior.