Question Low resolution at boot up; loses signal after Windows loading screen

Jun 20, 2019
Everyday, whenever I startup my computer, my display goes at an abnormal resolution (blurry text). Even the BIOS is affected with this and it just completely loses signal after the Windows loading screen, but the rest seems to be working since the HDD led is blinking normally like Windows booted properly. I had to do several hard reboots until the PC would return to its normal booting up.

So yeah, I've done about a few troubleshoots such as reseating all the components on the mobo. I'm wondering if it's either the monitor or the GPU's fault.

Monitor is a Sony VAIO VGP-D17SM1 (old and has a faulty DVI cable) (sometimes shows an error regarding an unsupported refresh rate)
GPU is an NVIDIA GT 710 (about a year old)