Apr 11, 2011
I currently have a Club 3D HD6770 and i want to lower my computers power consumption so i consulted the power consumption chart and some random reviews.,2981.html

The hd 7770, Gtx 650 and gtx 650 ti seem to be good competitors the 650 ti even seems to be a nice small jump in performance upgrade but i am still unsure what to get to get the best money-performance-power ratio. My current setup uses 220 - 230watt at load and i want to go to 180-200watt (and to 150 watt when im getting a i3 t processor or underclock). I heard the reference 650ti uses 110watts and MSI's 650ti uses only 80 watts and the reference 7770 uses 90 watts but the tomshw chart seems to think different about it. im kinda lost here.

Goal:best option for less power consumptions @ more performance


Nov 11, 2012
GTX 650 Ti is going to be good.
Worth the price.
7770 is also good, but GTX 650 Ti is faster

Those are Load Power Consumption. And your computer is not going to be at full load always. Only at gaming it will be like that.

But you can tweak a little your Card through MSI Afterburner.

You can also set your Monitor for Low Power Consumption.