Question Low utilization on both 8600k and RTX 3080

Bryan Choi

May 20, 2013
I just put in a 3080 to replace my 2080 and I got less than expected framerates in the benchmarks for Watchdogs Legion (88 fps in benchmark for the medium setting). It is substantially slower than Tom's bench Granted Tom's used a 9900k, I don't think a processor upgrade can account for 50 fps difference (please correct if I am wrong, am looking to upgrade my CPU soon as well).

I checked my CPU and GPU usage and they both are sitting well below 80% while I'm gaming. I have tried running the game in DX11 with no meaningful bump in fps.

I get near 100% on CPU and 80-90% on GPU in Warzone with the game running very well as a whole. And the temperatures for both sit in the low 70s.

Using 457.09 drivers.

Running out of options as to how to fix this problem, any suggestions would be appreciated.