Question Low Volume on Wireless Earbuds

Feb 10, 2020
So, I got some $25 Chinese wireless bluetooth earbuds that realistically I didn't expect much from but they hold up well in terms of sound quality and clarity, the thing that bothers me is even at max volume on both my phone and the earphones themselves, they're still quiet... The specs say they're sensitive to 120db and yet they seem much quieter than that. The problem is that when I play ringtones through the earphones tho they are quite loud, as I feel like they should be, but with any songs or media sounds, they aren't as loud as they could be, kinda like there's an invisible limiter to media sounds. I've tried everything, going through developer settings and disabling and enabling absolute volume and other bits here and there and nothing worked but if it had just played those ringtones at the same volume I'd just assume the company was lying and the earbuds were the problem but the fact that the ringtones are loud but media isn't is why I still have some sort of hope, if anyone knows what the issue could be please let me know...The model is TWS L2 in case it matters