Question Lower amps fan for GTX 1060 (t129215sm 0.25amp replacing t129215sh 0.30amp)


Jan 10, 2012
Hello everybody,

I bought a replacement fan for this GTX 1060.
The original fan is a t129215sh 0.3 amp. The seller sent me a t129215sm 0.25amp.
My first thought was to immediately return it.
Upon further examination, I see that they look the same, have the same dimensions and have the same connector.
Is it a good idea to use this fan (to have a quieter cooling solution), or that 0.05amp means the card would run noticeably hotter?
Any thoughts on this?
Assuming the fan is capable of more or less the same rotational speed, less amps is better because it's less power consumed and less heat overall. Well, technically speaking. 0.05 fewer amps is going to make almost zero difference when looking at the bigger picture.

Also this would only really matter if you're driving the fans at 100% all the time.