Question Lower FPS after GPU upgrade ?

Apr 1, 2022
I need help to my pc. I have same fps with different settings low or ultra.
My specs.
Gpu. Rtx 3070
Cpu. I7 8086k
Ram. 16 gb
I play on lg ultrawide screen. 2560x1080.

Before this 3070 i had a 2060 super. When i played games with rtx 2060 s i was getting alot more fps than the 3070.

Ive tried to update bios. Different software update and no luck. Need help pls.


The fps of a game will always be limited by something.
Usually cpu or gpu.
It depends on the game.
Fast action games are often limited by the gpu.
cpu limited games will be limited by the cpu.
sims, mmo, and strategy games are often limited by the single thread performance of the master thread.
Multiplayer games may need many processing threads.
What are the games you play?
Since your performance did not change when you let the gpu loaf by lowering the resolution, I would say you were cpu limited.

Is your ram operating in faster dual channel mode?
Running cpu-Z will tell you.

Is your motherboard a z version capable of overclocking?
A 8086K can be overclocked nicely with decent cooling.