Question Lower gaming performance after recent windows update


Jan 12, 2018
Hello guys. I’ve come up a strange problem with my computer and I need some help. So I have the 2950x threadripper with 32 gt 3000mhz cL 15 ram and the rtx 2080ti. Yesterday after playing call of duty ww2 for a couple of hours my computer automatically installed the latest windows update (KB4494441). Today I tried to play forza horizon 4 and I noticed some weird frame drops (to 60 fps in 1440p-something that never happens) in a certain area so I decided to run the benchmark. The benchmark results was 122 fps while my normal results would be 132 fps ( same setting and resolution). I also tested my computer in other games. My performance was 10-20 fps lower than it is normally. In the fh4 my cpu render fps are about the expected but my gpu render frames are 131, 13 fps lower than normal ( normally I would get 142-144 fps. In the fh4 benchmark now I get 145 fps for the cpu render while normally I would hit 148 but this is a small difference. So could this be hardware performance or a result of the windows update. In call of duty ww2 my cpu reaches 70 for 2 seconds which is above the stated safe temp by amd 68 Celsius but I do t think that this caused a problem to the cpu. Also my cpu update is installed twice because After the update code (KB44.....) it has a (2) What do you think is the cause of the performance drop. Should I format my ssd and install windows again????