Question Lower half of the display gets stuck and lags when displaying dark colors

Nov 19, 2021
Hello everyone !
I have a question regarding my laptops display
the lower half of my laptops monitor gets stuck, stutter and lags behind when displaying dark colors.
specifically the color black, any other picture/video/games and apps that shows any bright colors are fine.
the problem can get temporarily be fix by playing those videos that flashes different colors(the ones that helps stuck/dead pixels) but it usually returns by tomorrow during night time. I'm a students so I frequently use it during lunch to night for academic stuff..

Usually I know when it's coming back since when any dark colored screens(such as dark theme YouTube) is being displayed it starts by multiple black line stuttering on the lower middle part of the screen then after a while the lower half will lag behind. Another example would be when browsing this sites forum which is generally bright in color and then switching tabs to a dark theme YouTube, the lower half lags behind, still displaying the previous tab. It will eventually updates itself but it takes 5-6 seconds to update for a single frame despite the upper part of the screen completely fine

the problem still occurs despite not running any heavy apps. it also can occur just by browsing the net and since I'm using a dark theme chrome.. so its rather annoying to handle
for temperature it happens even when even if the CPU and GPU are on 45C -50C.

I tried to move the LCD cable thinking it might just by the cable getting stuck on something but nothing really happened.
I also tried to stress test the GPU when the screen was fine and not stuttering, just in case if the GPU was failing but it was fine. The GPU had reach 75C but no stuttering nor any problem happened.
I have not tried to connect it to another monitor since I don't have one.
I couldn't really find anything similar to my problem online.
does anyone know if its just the LCD or is my GPU is failing?

Asus TUF FX505DT
AMD Ryzen 7 3750H w/ Redeon Vega 10
GTX 1650
8gb ram
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