Lower OC on New MOBO


Jan 17, 2008
Before had an ASUS P5KPL-VM a G31 board +E4500 OC'd by 451mhz to 2.65GHZ and OEM cooler

Now have P5Q-EM DO a Q45 board + E4500 OC'd by 363mhz to 2.54 GHZ around this OC I sometimes get a BIOS message saying bad OC do you want to change values or go to default set up. Using OEM cooler

in both cases I am using 2 2gig sticks of PC5400 crucial rendidtion RAM. Will my new board need to have faster RAM in order to achieve similar OCing. I didn't have to up any voltages in my old setup, and I had the DRAM speed at auto as well in my old set up. On my new MOBO I had to choose a DRAM speed before it would OC, and I chose a speed of 472 what ever the lowest was, since it would be getting bigger as I OC'd to a higher clock speed. Surely I wouldn't need to up the CPU voltage at this OC. I would like to get to 2.6-2.7 GHZ running stable, need some input on what to try.


I'd run memtest86+ and some sort of Prime95-based stress tester to make sure your setup really is stable at base and current speeds. Run CPU-Z to find out what the system is really running at, and post screen shots or photos of the BIOS screens where you are making your RAM choices. Perhaps your choice of "472" means DDR2-944?