Oct 12, 2018
Just randomly my ping on games such as valorant, csgo and fortnite rose to around 70-80 from its normal 30. I also noticed that I actually got lower ping if I switched to west server my ping got a little lower around 60. I have tried restarting router and network settings but it still stays the same. I use a powerline adapter to connect to ethernet but I have tried using Wi-Fi and I still have the same problem.

Anyone know how to fix this?
So do they actually give you the city where the servers are located that you think you live closer. Many companies just name server different things so people on the same time zones play together many are located in exactly the same data center.

But all that doesn't really matter. You could have a data center in the house next to you and could have huge latency. As a silly example. So lets say you use ISP 1 and the game company uses ISP2. Now lets assume your ISP is really cheap and only wants to connect to ISP2 in 1 locations and they are want to save money so they do it in Australia.

So for your data to go from your house to the building next door it has to go all the way to australia and back likely close to 400ms. Your only real option would be to see if you could buy service from ISP2 which would give you a much more direct path.

All you can do is try different servers ip and see which is fastest. You have no control over the path it takes. Your only option is to get a different ISP which tends to not be a option for most people. You might try a "virtual" isp. There are a number of so called "gaming" vpn providers that pay for private network connections to some of the cites that have large number of game hosting centers. Maybe if you are very lucky one of these might have a better path. In general this does not reduce the latency for users in the USA or EU. It is more something people in asia or india use because their ISP may not have the best access to all the undersea fibers where the vpn company does.
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