Lower than expected performance

Feb 5, 2019
I am not sure if this is the right category for this but this seemed the most relevant.

Here's the problem:

I feel like my new pc is not giving the most performance it can, this is in regard to games. In Battlefield 5 I can't use SLI, I tried the Nvidia inspector fix which did not work. It uses on card on 80% and the other one is only running on 20%. I tried playing Apex legends in which the performance is quite poor even though the pc should well be able to run the game. The GPU situation is the same as in BF5. These are just some examples.
The CPU/GPU's are well within normal thermal and load limits.
Settings bearly impact the FPS which is very odd to me.
And the Nvidia control panel closes itself 5 seconds after opening.
I play on 1080p.

Things I tried
I went through the nvidia control panel and the settings seems all correct to me. I rolled back drivers, reïnstalled the new drivers, CPU/RAM reseat and swapping GPU slots.

PC specs:
CPU: Ryzen R 5 2600x;
MOBO: Gigabyte x470 Aurus Ultra gaming (newest bios);
RAM: Vengeance 16Gb 2133 Mhz;
GPU's: EVGA 970 SSC SLI (driver 418.81);
PSU: Cooler Master 700 80 bronze +;

Thanks for taking the time.

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