Lower Watt PSU cause PC to slow down?


Apr 7, 2008
My PSU took a crap the other day (which was 450W) so I replaced it with a 350W PSU i've had lying around.

And now i swear that the pc is running slower.

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit with 4g ram and a Core2 6400 @2.13ghz

Is this even possible or am i imagining this?



It is possible if it cannot provide enough power.

Best bet is to benchmark them, just so you have statistics to back it up.

That way, placebos can't affect the score.

Try using SISandra, any CPU test will do. If the score is dramatically affected, then it is under effect.
Unlikely. I think you are imagining things. If the 12 volts drops enough, the power regulator on the motherboard will drop out and stop, killing the system.

Inadequate power won't slow a system. It will stop it.

Specs on the two PSU's?