Question Lowering power limit while keep gpu at stock speeds safe?

Apr 13, 2020
So I just upgraded my gpu and wanted to put my old gpu in my old pc. It is a 500 watt thermeltake power supply that has never caused me problems and I used it with dedicated gpus in the past. The problem is it only has a 6 pin but no 8 pin. I dont want to buy a new psu as it will only be my secondary system so i ordered a 6 to 8 pin adapter. the rx 570 seems to draw 150-200 watts max, I wanted to decrease power limit somewhere between 120-140 watts so no matter what it cant overload the 6 pin rail, 75 watts from motherboard plus 6 pins are ussuly rated for another 75 so 140 watts should be safe? I could do a little lower like 130 watts if thats safer.

Anyway i wanted to lower the power limit and not touch voltage or anything just lower the power limit and leave everything else at stock, is that safe and could that cause any problems?, and if it could cause problems what do I need to change to allow for a lower power limit?

specs relevant to power usage of my old/secondary pc i will be putting rx 570 in

fx 6300
8 gig ddr3
ordered small ssd for it and gona have a hard drive in with it too.
lg cd/dvd row
micro atx motherboard pretty sure its asrock

So at everything running at 100 percent I doubt i would go over 300 watts on the psu its just the 6 pin rail Im worried about which is why I want to set power limit for gpu.
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