München chooses for 30.000 linux desktops instead of Vista..


Mar 13, 2006
More and more companies are choosing for linux as it is much cheaper and secure (spyware/virusses/malware/trojans for example..).
Why doesn't Microsoft see this and drop it's prices. Everytime they release a new version of windows they talk like now finally all problems are over while in some cases of the platform the problems even got worse. I'm really curious if private pc users for example still have to give away their half month salary when Windows Vista arrives in being able to buy it. No wonder there is so much illigal activity going on. Many people cant afford it due to the Euro economy in Europe. I think that when microsoft drops it's insane high prices they will sell a lot more copies and in the end make more profit out of it. No offence to microsoft but I think it's time they open their eyes cause hey...it's got a reason that for example the municipal München chooses for 30.000 linux desktops instead of Vista.. . This is just my point of view but I could be wrong.....I would like to see some reactions on this. :)


Mar 16, 2006
I totally agree with you on that, MS prices are insane, if they would cut back on the prices i think more people would buy legal MS products (i know i would :twisted: ).

A few months agoo i had to set up a Linux network because of a college assignment, at first i wasn't very happy to work with Linux because i'm used to working with MS OS's and i know (most of the time :p) exactly where to look.

But as you go on exploring the possibilities of Linux and getting to know its interface you'll find out its just as good as Windows, more stable and offcourse it doesn't cost you anything.

I think (hope) that the Vista Home versions will be cheaper because they will release 6 versions of Vista depending on the users needs.

  • Vista Business
    Vista Enterprise
    Vista Home Basic
    Vista Home Premium
    Vista Ultimate
    Vista Starter

Vista Business will be the basic version for companies of all sizes and includes tools that will help organisations manage their PCs.

The Enterprise version of Vista will have all of the features in the basic version and add to them improved encryption including a BitLocker system that will stop confidential data being viewed if a computer is lost or stolen.

The Home Basic version is intended for those who only want to use their PC to browse the net, use e-mail and create and edit basic documents. It will also include desktop search and security tools.

Vista Home Premium includes everything in the Basic version and adds the new graphical interface called Aero.

Microsoft said it will also have improved media handling abilities so it can help users organise and enjoy their digital images, music and movie collections. Also included will be tools to help people author and burn DVDs.

PCs running the Premium edition will also be able to connect their machine to an Xbox 360 gaming console.

Vista Ultimate has all the features of the business and home editions in one package.

The Starter edition is a streamlined version intended for low powered PCs found in many developing nations.



Dec 15, 2005
Then as Linux becomes more popular the price goes up. Then as more and more people use it, more and more hackers start to attack it. Then we see that isn't really as secure as many think it is. No, I'm not an MS fanboy, but I don't have an axe to grind, either, as Windows is still the best alternative for what I need to do with my computer. I don't have anything against Linux, and competition for sure is good for all. I'm simply sick and tired about hearing how secure it is, when it really hasn't been put under fire like Windows has. When/if that happens, then we'll see. People are paying $500+ for graphics cards without blinking, yet they bitch endlessly about paying a hundred or two for Windows. People complain about the activation and reactivation after upgrades, etc. Microsoft does this because there is so much piracy going on. How many of us would like being robbed or cheated? How many companies give stuff away, or sell stuff cheap if they know they can get much more. Microsoft is simply another business, doing business. Sorry for the rant, and I really am all for competition to keep things improving and costs reasonable. Just tired of unsubstantiated claims.


Mar 13, 2006
Well, first of all linux is free cause it's an open source...I get your point of view dont worry but when you say this >>>"Then as Linux becomes more popular the price goes up. Then as more and more people use it, more and more hackers start to attack it." I find this not true. You know why hackers are attacking microsoft? It has a whole story behind it. It's just the name Microsoft has build up that made many people like hackers hate microsoft for it. They lag the opurtunity to make a secure and stable platform but they did not lag in making quick easy money with it. That's the big difference between Windows and Linux. The fact that Linux is not for newby's is the only thing holding back linux from getting bigger than microsoft but people work on it.....and to be honoust...I'm not a microsoft hater myself but when linux is in a stage of development that it becomes as user friendly as microsoft I will start using linux cause it's a way more stable platform. You also say that people do buy hardware for prices aaround 500 dollar but refuse to spend that much money on a windows copy. Well...when you know the past of windows and all the negative sides on windows always lagging stability and securness together with the fact that many people cant even effort to buy a big ass pc......not to mention a platform that is way more expensive than linux....well....think again...you have no reason to get tired....I'm getting tired the other way around. Microsoft was just lucky it was the first real os that was making his name set. But that's the only positive thing about it and the only reason it still has that many users.


Dec 15, 2005
I previously stated "Then as Linux becomes more popular the price goes up. Then as more and more people use it, more and more hackers start to attack it." You then said "I find this not true". How could you, when Linux holds such a small piece of the pie. My supposition could only be proved or disproved when/if Linux would ever supplant Windows as the overwhelming OS of choice. You talk as if all the hackers are simply Microsoft haters, and no one would even consider trying to hack Linux because it would be so secure and stable. Sorry, but I think that attitude is just a bit naive. Business is business, and money is money. Any business that can charge more for a product and get it, will certainly do so. If money can be made from something, it usually is. Sadly, we do not live in a free, or very philanthropic world. I also have grave doubts on Linux becoming extremely user friendly, at least not due to the efforts of the die-hard Linux crowd, who seem to think typing cryptic commands on a keyboard is where it's at. Disclaimer: I am not a Microsoft employee or fanboy, nor am I a Linux hater or wish bad upon it. Just as AMD stepped up against Intel, I wish someone would step up against Windows and make things better for all.


Mar 13, 2006
Well, you are right...I should have told it in other words. What I ment by the hacker thingy is that you have hackers and you have hackers that are more crackers. You have guys that hack into companies pc's too make security better and you have hacker crackers that do it to steal but usually in either way home users are not the victem of hackers. When I'm talking about security it's more about spyware and virii. You've got a good point when you also mean what I just typed. Cheers m8. No offence.


The mass majority of people who have computers at home use Windows. Thus, they're familar with it and comfortable at work. That's why most companies use it.
Using Linux makes IT have a harder time. It's another thing we need to know.
I work in a corporate environment supporting a ton of stuff.
Right now, here's all the stuff I need to know:
Windows 95 to Windows XP
Windows NT/2000/2003 server
Cisco IOS
Shoretel VoIP system

To put in Linux would be a pain. Let alone supporting it. We're not even sure if Linux supports have the software we use as most of it was designs strictly for use on Windows computers.

Linux is great.. but I don't care what they say, it's not as cost effective as Windows at this point in time.

The best part about going with Windows over Linux in my opinion?

The fact that if something major comes up that causes your company to fail because of a Windows flaw, you can sue Microsoft.

If you lose everything running Linux, who are you going to sue?

It's not likely to happen but it's there. You have piece of mind knowing that a business is operating because you're purchasing their product. Not because an open community is putting forth what they like.

Linux is innovating. Microsoft is riding the tailcoat which is smart. Let the open community develope it. They're behind the scenes developing good stuff and Microsoft is marketing it. Might as well apply for a job at Microsoft. That's where all their hard work is going anyhow.


Feb 9, 2006
When I see/read people that say "Linux" is better and more secure....I just want to throw up at the stupidity!!!!!
I recently read a thread at/on a different forum...that sounded alot like this thread...and responded with this:


I get so frustrated when people post about the problems they have with any "MS" Windows... then "OTHER" people try to explain how "Linux" is so much better or no virus's for "Apple"....
What... do you think you sound cool or "individual" when you complain about an operating system that is used by over 94% of the world's population?
Or do you think you sound more intelligent when you mislead people into thinking why you use nothing but "Linux"?

The reason why I ask is here:


So many security updates on that URL... I gave up counting to prove my point in relation with XP... and thats the latest "Redhat Enterprize"!!!!

Oh wait...here's "Apple/Mac:


Nine Pages of UDATES/SECURITIES!!!!!!

Oh Mozilla...Hmmm... well:


Proven fact that over 90% of BSOD...are hardware related!!!
10% left for the stupidity of users.

A little history for those of you that say "Windows" was here long before "Linux"...


Remember that "Windows" for the general public wasn't anything until after "95"...also remember that "Linux" is a direct relic of Unix...Which started in the early 50's... and back before DOS was here... CP/M [developed by the "Great"..Gary A. Kildall] was in the forefront...or had the chance to be the ultimate... if it wasn't for his idiotic wife.

A little history on "Kildall" would do all of you "ill informed".... "Linux lovers/MS haters" alot of good:


Also, for all of you complainers of "Windows"...if you were bright enough to write a virus....would you waste your time writing a virus for a measley 6% of the world's population of PC users's...Doubt it!!!!...although you do waste alot of time here thinking people reading actually think you know what your talking about.

Each OS is an ongoing process for Security/Virus updates... and each OS always will be...

EACH OS also has provided alot of awesome programs and ideas... just quit doggin' when you don't know what your talking about!

Gates, Allen, Turjanmaa, Torvald, Kernighan, Wozniak, Thompson, Tanenbaum, Ritchie, Jobs, and amongst alot of others...My favorite Kildall...I wish I had their talents, drives, abilities!!!!...each of them have provided all of us...something we could have never enjoyed without them.

I use and love "Fedora 4, MenuetOS , XP Pro, and XP Home... I also paid for them...Happily!!!... also outside of itzy little problem with drivers on the "MenuetOS" system...I never have problems at all...How?...because I routinely do all updates on all my OS's and Anti-virus's!!!!

P.S. if you try to respond against this thread..please provide actual facts through URL's [valid ones]... otherwise your just proving your inabilities for debating and/or giving advice.

This also is not intended to be a "Fanboyizm" type thread at all!!!
Just venting against misleading posts/threads...and above all...RESPONSES!!!!!!

The "Editor in Chief" responded very positive and with some good rebuttals but not one of the inept/ill-informed "Linux Lovers" had nothing to say!!!...go fiqure!

To respond personally to this thread... I have a few questions.

1. Why would MS have to lower their prices to get more users... IF OVER 90% OF THE WORLD'S PC USERS ALREADY USE IT!!!!!!....HELLO!!!!!!!

2. It's a numbers game.... if you were smart enough to waste your days writing viruses, spams, worms....would you be stupid enough to waste that precious time of yours on writing them for "Linux" systems...THAT OVER 90% OF THE PC USERS IN THIS WORLD....DO NOT USE!!!!!!

3.Since you know so much about "Linux".... please tell me how it addresses RAM different then "Windows"... or how it readdresses "Data" back to the drive...with no need for a defragger... and a thousand times better then "Windows"...
Please teach me...Since you know so much.

4. Have you priced out the "Redhat Enterprize"?

Please read the whole thing...including all the urls.

Capitalizing is not meant to yell...simply to show the point.