Question M.2 no longer showing in bios after CPU swap

Nov 30, 2021
Hi there i have been doing a bit of internet sloothing to see if anyone else has had the same issue as me and i can see there are some people however not to the same extent which is why i thought id make this post.
I Upgraded my CPU from a Ryzen 2700x to a 5600x on my existing Asus prime X470 Pro. Before doing so i made sure the bios was at the latest version (as of writing Version 5861 is the latest and i had to go all the way from 4011) install the CPU everything boots up and straight into bios not problems at all until it gets to setting boot options i can see both my HDD and SSD are there no problem at all however the M.2 is not showing either, I swapped the CPU out to the old 2700x and it booted into windows straight away with no issues i can see there have already been some suggestions on threads which i have followed as well such as making sure to enable UEFI however so far nothing seems to have helped so i am at a total dead end and feeling pretty rotten about it so any help is appreciated.