Question m.2 nvme not showing in bios but bootable if sata drive is connected

May 4, 2023
I recently brought a m.2 nvme drive "Crucial P3 Plus" I plugged it in installed windows 11 and everything works. I looked in the bios to select my new drive as the primary boot device but its not listed in my bios which I thought was odd but whatever, when I turn on my pc I have the option for windows 11(new drive) and windows 10(old drive).

I decided I did not need my old drive plugged in anymore and when I removed it my pc will no longer boot past the bios screen as it can not find any drives, if I plug the sata drive back in everything works again

I should note that I have the m.2 plugged into the 2nd m.2 slot as the primary one is partially covered by my cpu heatsink and I can not fit the drive in. This is on a Asus strix b550-f motherboard.

Any idea's why my motherboard bios is refusing to see the drive even though its bootable with an old sata plugged in?
What bios are you on? There are numerous bios updates available. Perhaps one of those updates will allow it to recognize the new M2. The second M2 slot only runs at 3.0 and your Crucial P3 Plus is a 4.0. I would put it in the first M2 slot as you are leaving performance on the table.