Question M.2 NVMe SSD is not detected when Windows is restarted ?


Apr 13, 2015
Hi guys. I need help with my disk D nvme not detected sometimes (like 10-20% of the time when restarting) and this is only when restarting (cold boot is fine) 100% of the time.

R7 3700x
M.2 _1 - Crucial P1 - boot drive, disk C (gen 3)
M.2_2 - Tammuz Gk700 - gen 3 (problem disk - has a good controller same as crucial p2, reputable local korean brand) - disk D
Asus Tuf B450M pro-gaming

Bios update to latest stable release,
All default settings,
Cleaned copper contacts on both the nvme drive and motherboard with electronic/industrial grade 99% isopropyl alcohol and some soft bristled tooth brush,
Did a fresh install of windows,
MADE SURE that drivers on hardware level are up to date.

Any insights would be helpful since I am at a complete loss. I have even seen some people with samsung nvme ssds have the same issue. I am leaning towards a motherboard/bios option or tweak as I can almost be certain that the nvme ssd has no issues.

It seemingly started after the latest major windows update tho maybe a month or 2 ago.

Update: here is what happens to me on the M.2_2 nvme drive ad described though I am not using NVME adapter: Standard NVM Express Controller - Microsoft Community

Please help, thanks in advance. ;)
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