Question m.2 NVMe SSD only showing up in bios

Aug 10, 2022
I have a WD Blue SN550, everything was working fine until my pc suddenly restarted, once the restart was finished my ssd was nowhere to be found. It shows up in a Windows Media Creation Tool and the Bios. I've already tried formatting it via the media creation tool and the bios to no avail. Whatever I do it won't show up in the Disk manager or Device Manager. I've also attempted to install WDs Software "Dashboard" but it also won't show up there. I only used it for Games so no important data loss but still very annoying to have a 1TB suddenly not work anymore, any help appreciated (been trying to find a fix for 2 days now)


C drive is another sata disk that my Windows is running on
I'm not sure, what AMD RAID bottom device is.

Make sure sata controller is set to AHCI in BIOS.
Disable NVME RAID, if it is enabled.

Also check windows storage spaces. Show screenshot.
If the drive appears there, then remove drive from storage pool and delete the pool.