m.2 SATA heating issue?


Jul 21, 2016
I've heard that m.2 PCIe SSD's can have heating issues. I will be using a Raven RVZ02 case with an Asus B150I mobo (rear m.2 slot). Due to price and the heating issues, I will not be getting an m.2 PCIe drive. I would still like to get an m.2 SATA drive (ADATA Premier Pro P900 M.2 Type 2280, 256Gb) because it will result in a much cleaner build.

Will this build have any heating issues with m.2 SATA?

Thermal throttling was mentioned in the technical reviews of the Intel 750 and Samsung 950 ssd's. Both Intel and Samsung did mention that the ssd's require adequate case airflow. In fact, both companies provided a recommended minimum airflow rate at their web sites. A well ventilated case should be adequate to avoid thermal throttling.

On the Samsung 950 the ssd controller could get warm and trigger the throttling which is temporary. The controller is the large rectangular chip next to the gold connectors that are plugged into the M.2 header/connector on a motherboard.

Generally speaking a well ventilated case suitable for gaming or overclocking should be okay. Some enthusiasts came up with their own solutions. Virtual Larry added an internal fan to blow directly onto the 950. Others added a small heatsink.

I'm working on my own case mod project that includes an MSI Titanium Z170A motherboard and two Samsung 950's. Luckily the location of the two M.2 headers is such that a single graphic cards instaled in the PCIe 3.0 slot closest to the cpu will not impede airlfow over the ssd's. In addition I'll be using a fan controller which also has thermal sensors. I plan to attach a sensor to each ssd controller to keep track of temps. If for some reason the airlfow is not sufficient, then I will add a small heatsink to each ssd.

I estimate I am about two weeks away from completing the project. I 'll post temperature results once I am up and running.