Question m.2 SSD Choice?

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Jul 17, 2013
So, my massive 3TB games storage HDD has recently ** itself, so I figure it's time to replace it with something faster. I already have a SATA SSD that I use as my boot drive, but m.2 storage is actually cheaper in a lot of cases and I think my mobo supports it, so I figured I'll pick up an m.2 drive.
I've narrowed it down to this and this, but I'm not too versed in the world of m.2 storage, so I'm hoping someone a bit more knowledgeable than me can help.
They are both NVMe, which uses PCIExpress rather than SATA, and according to my mobo specs it supports either, and supports their form factor, unless I'm reading it wrong.

I literally have no idea what one to choose, any ideas?
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Jan 14, 2020
I am using one of those WD SN750 SSDs for my boot drive and I'm satisfied with it. You will definitely enjoy gaming, video editing, etc on it. If that's what you're in doubt to buy, well, don't be! Just google it and you'll find several positive reviews. You can also consider buying Corsair Force series, Intel SSDs, Samsung EVO or Pro SSDs, etc.
Nice mobo you have, by the way.
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m.2 is s size format.
It is nice in that you do not need sata data or power cables.
Past that, it comes in sata or pcie versions.
pcie is faster sequentially, but you will hardly detect any difference. Most activity will be random and considerably faster than your HDD.
The chief deterrent to a ssd is the cost per gb.
For that, look at the samsung QVO or intel 660P units.
A samsung 1tb QVO is $110.