Feb 19, 2019

In my computer currently I have two m.2 SDD drives, one Sata SSD drive, and a Sata HDD drive. However I can only get the Sata HDD drive and the one M.2 SDD drive to display and allow me t use them. I have gone into the Disk manager and nothing, I can't even see them in there. I have the bois set to enabled for two M.2 Drives and have the Sata cables plugged into the Sata spot 3 and 4. Leaving 1, 2, 5, and 6 empty.

The Motherboard I am currently using is brand new and a Asus Prime z370-AII.

Thank you in advance.
So You still have the 2 M.2 drives plugged in, as well as a Sata device in sata slot 3 and 4?

And the sata SSD is not registering? Is all this correct?

Have you attempted to INITIALIZE the drives? Some tips on initialization.... You don't need to download the program they offer, but follow the instructions. See if any of that works for you.

You should also double check your BIOS to ensure that you have enabled all the SATA ports, as well as the 2 NVME M.2 ports.
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