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Question M.2 vs 2.5" SSD

Aug 2, 2019
So I'm finally upgrading to an SSD after having a standard hdd for ages. Now I know that there are different types of ssd such as the M.2 and normal 2.5 inch sata. I'm aware of the significantly larger read and write speeds of an m.2 over sata, although I've heard that a lot of this is just stats on paper and when it comes to putting it into practice they're a lot closer. Now, I could purchase something like the "Samsung 860 QVO 1tb" or "Crucial MX500CT 1tb" for around £100 ($124). Or there's the "Samsung 860 EVO 1tb" which is a little more at £132 ($162). Now looking at the m.2 options, there's the "Sebrent M.2 nvme QLC 1tb" which is £110 ($136) and other similar models from Western Digital and Crucial. So basically what I'm asking for is some advice for which avenue I should go down m.2 or sata and why are some of the m.2's cheaper the sata 2.5" drives? My current pc specs are, ryzen 5 1500x, gtx 1060 3gb, 8gb ddr4 2667 hz, 1tb seagate hdd and MSI AMD AM4 B350M Bazooka. Will I see a noticeable difference going for an m.2 or should I stick with the sata although there's not much of a difference in price in either case. Also last note, my current plan would be to transfer all the contents of my hdd to the ssd and then wipe the hdd and replace the stuff I don't need on the ssd to the hdd. This seems to be the easiest way to get my OS on the ssd without having to do a fresh install. Any thoughts on this? I know this post is a bit all over the place, but any insight would be much appreciated thanks :)