Question M2 connectivity problems

Apr 10, 2019
I don't know why everyone is gearing for the m2 form factor for storage. In real world usage, at a university institution where we use Dell computers with the m2 nvme SSD we are having problems where systems will often fail with "Drive not Found". The solution is you have to reseat the drive. It seems to occur more often in areas that are prone to mild temperature swings. We do not see this occurring with systems using SATA. So if you like unscrewing these M2 drives every now and then sure go buy one. I like the specs of NVME, but someone please put something more reliable out there where we don't have to fiddle with it. Maybe the U2 spec would be better.
Thanks for your time
Honestly, do your tasks need much more than a fast SATA drive such as a Crucial MX500? A fast 2.5 in drive will rival an NVME drive in daily usage.
SInce you are using NVME, i am assuming you need them for your usage. If you are having trouble getting the NVME drives to stay in place, you can put some non-conductive double-sided tape under the drive in addition to the screw. Try to find high-temperature tape, as the normal stuff can melt in some instances.
Edit: This may work best. It is high temperature and strong double sided tape
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