[SOLVED] M2 SSD not present. Is my SSD dead ??

May 25, 2022
So i have this setup with 1 Samsung 960 Evo as a windows boot drive and 2 HDD as data storage.

I use this setup for about 5+ years and recently I have to relocate to overseas country for business. I want to bring my setup with me so i take out the components and bring them along. For mainboard part i leaved my m2 ssd on the board.

Today i put them all again and power on. Only problem was my computer does not boot to windows anymore. I went to bios and cannot see my ssd there. I also notice that my MSI Ez Debug light is on witn the indicator show that there is some problem with my boot.

How can i fix this ?
Is my ssd dead now ?
Is there any quick way to test if my ssd is dead or still alive ?

Some method i tried so far.
  1. Unlug all sata and reboot. Still no m2 present.
  2. Move the ssd to another m2 slot. No degect at all.

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