M2n-e and corsair


Aug 23, 2007
I've jsut bought an M2n-e, x2 6000+ and corsair 2x1024meg 800mhz ddr2 twinx c4. After i've install all this de comp doesnt' start, i don't see a thing. after 1 hour i find out that when i put out 1 of my 1024 meg corsair everything work. so 1 of them doesn't work , i've test they other one and it's doesnt work. after that i do some benchmark to see if it's better than my 3800 single core and the answer is no! it's the same speed. i know it's a dual channel memory. but if i only use 1 of the dimm can i have a slow down like that? btw sorry for my english it's not my first language :)