Nov 28, 2007
I have been looking all over the net and cant find anything on what to do about my M2NPV-MX motherboard's
chipset heatsink :( .

Here's how it looks :

The heatsink gets so hot I am unable to hold my finger on it as it burns me : / the motherboard still works fine though but I know it wont for long.
The fasting clip for the heatsink is stupid and doesnt allow any 3rd party coolers to be installed that I know of. :sweat:
Just dont understand why they would use such a stupid passive northbridge heatsink :heink:

If any could maybe help me find a cooler of some sort I would really appreciate it.

Other wise I would have to be forced into gluing a fan to it, for anyone looking into buying this board I would go against it.

Note, I have tried ASUS support and cant access their site, dont think they would be able to help me either.