M4A79-DELUXE-using nvidia video cards on crossfire boards


Apr 23, 2009
hi there

i just wondered what other people are using for settings using AMD/ATI
overdrive with this M4A79 Deluxe board the PHENOM 2 940 CPU+V10
and any setting recommendations for NVIDIA CONTROL APPLICATION to
set up a BFG 295 GTX(GRAPHICS) and an XFX 9800GTX+(PHYSICS) .
also using ANTEC 650 TRI POWER PSU,patriot ddr2/800 2x2gigs of ram
(and optional 2 more gigs of OCZ FATALITY DDR2/1066)for a total of 6 gigs.

so please,anyone with experience or any ideas about optimizing this
setup for maximum overclocking and stability please let me know and
thank you very much.i do have the board/cpu/video cards running
stable but im just looking for any additional performance,ideas,cautions
suggestions etc etc.thanks so much.

i had a nice ASUS M3N-HT 3XSLI BOARD but i decided to let it go and
pursue this board as it apparently has more overclocking potential
at some point i might try to acquire a pair/trio/quad of 5850 or 5870
video cards or possibly a 5970 dual gpu card or 2 (yeh im rich,NOT)


Oct 24, 2008
Take out the OCZ RAM because its not going to be utilized unless you are running a Windows server edition and i also dont see how a 9800 GTX paired with a 295 GTX is gonna offer any improvement over the single 295 GTX on its own.

Thats all i can add for now