M5A88-V EVO does not POST, CPU fan does not spin


Jun 10, 2011
As the title says, the CPU fan won't spin even though all the LEDs (TPU and SB) and the DRAM_LED lights up. I reseated all components, tried switching the RAM sticks (all tested), and nothing happens. My PSU is a Corsair GS600, and that's also been tested in another build to work.

The system speaker doesn't give any beeps either.

Specs: AMD P2 X4 955, 8GB Corsair XMS3 1333MHz CMX8GX3M2A1333C9, XFX Radeon 5830, 750GB WD Caviar Black, ASUS DVD-RW.

Edit: forgot the CPU cooler: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 (which also worked in another build).

Is there any way to fix this or is the motherboard defective??


Aug 14, 2010
Clear CMOS (Look in motherboard manual for information)

Also, remove your video card and test with the onboard video (either the DVI ot VGA, not the HDMI) and see if that helps anything.

Then, disconnect EVERYthing EXCEPT power (24 pin, 8pin CPU (or 4 pin CPU) ) and ALL HDD's, ODD's and peripherals. See what happens then.

If neither of those options work, build your machine outside of your case to bench test it. (Find forums discussing such on here)

And depending on when you bought the motherboard, it may still be under warranty through Asus. That would be the last option I could give you to salvage your system if nothing else works.

Read the threads about troubleshooting this crap. You and many others post this same scenario and come up with a problem that was offered in a designated forum for such instances.
On the Asus QVL ....

8GB(4 x 2GB)

It's a small distinction but one that is very important when you contact Asus. It is also a small distinction which becomes magnified when using 4GB sticks.

May not be the source of your problem, but may be worth pursuing if an RMA/Exchange is open to you.

I would also suggest reviewing the Asus QVL for memory that is qualified for both PhenomII Denebs and Bulldozer Zambezi. The BD-Zs have been qualified under "" M5A88-V EVO MEM (For AM3 R2 CPU) ""

Your memory is not on the *AM3 R2 CPU* QVL, either.



Nov 23, 2011

Did you ever get your board to post after replacing components? I can't get mine to post at all and the motherboard does not have a speaker and neither does my case.