Question Mac Mini in atx case with hdmi splitter and power

Jan 13, 2021
Hey my name is Cris I do a lot of music work recently I have received a Mac Mini 2014 model. I had an old pc case laying around and I thought about it and I was thinking. 1st I have no need to use multiple monitors, but only need to use multiple os simultaneously. 2nd I need an easy way of switching the inputs. I'm thinking of putting the Mac Mini into the case(full/micro ATX) I also want to add a hdmi splitter so I can put a intel nuk in it along with a Amazon fire stick. I want this to be something that if I need to go somewhere i pack the "PC" up grab my keyboard mouse and power chord and leave. The problem I'm having is how to power all of this with it looking nice I need a ATX Power Supply that looks like one on the outside but on the inside is a 120v power splitter anyone have any ideas.