Mac vs pc. what to choose?


May 30, 2009
Hey guys, i need your help.

I do a lot of model building and intense rendering and my pc is not cutting it anymore.

so at the moment I have 2 choices, I can get the 2008 mac pro for a little cheaper, its the 8core 2.8. with the ati radeon 2600 gfx and 2gig ram. the other choice is getting a stronger pc, I was thinking of getting the Core i7 920 2.66ghz CPU, 8gig ram, running 2 GTX 260's in sli. that would be the heart of the machine, rest not so important.
the pc choice runs in cheaper, and for the mac i would have to get a better gfx card as well as eventually get more ram, and ontop of that I would have to get all my software to be compatible with mac. after doing all of that it would be a quite lot more expensive.

everyone keeps on telling me that mac is the superstar for rendering etc. how true is that? how would this pc option run against the mac option? what else would you guys suggest?


Feb 9, 2009
^ you'd also get double the threads if you went for the mac aswell since the i7 only has 8 and the dual nehalem mac would have 16, so unless you're gaming too, I would go for the mac build as GTX 260's are a gamers gfx card.


I can just say from experience, note this is coming from me as being an Apple certified tech, For compatiblity, go Windows. If you want the more elite system, go mac, but you will pay more. The only thing about mac I'm not impressed by lately, is where I work, we've been seeing a lot of the white macbooks with HD failures, about 15% or so. Also, the new iMacs seem to have some issues. Like shutting down, or screen distortion and what not. It's up to you, but if you go mac, I'd reccomend the applecare protection.

However, once you are out of warranty, I know like mac laptops for example, if you have a mobo/logic board issue, you can count on paying almost as much sometimes just for the part as for the machine. Something else to think on.