Nov 8, 2022
What in the past, and the Present has this Been ( windows pc , vs Mac ) .. I would imagine Mac being hotter in temps.. since windows pc has water cooling / big heatsinks , bigger Cases and fans , and Mac is Usally Smaller ( im not Talking about laptops, but if you want to below, you can :-D anyone that know about the history on this ) .. i dont know the history .. so im asking ..if i had to guess , it be hard to compare these two , since Mac has there Tsmc Chip partners .. so Pardon the Phasing , " there no really apples to apples Comparison " lol .. but to be honest, i would think Windows right?


Are you talking about Mac Pros vs PCs? Or Mac Minis?

A Mac Mini would be comparable to a NUC or equivalent AMD super small factor PC. Not a significant difference unless using a desktop CPU in one of these, vice the typical laptop style CPU many use.

I am not aware of any heat issues regarding Mac Pros. Regardless of the anti-Apple folks, those devices are well engineered for their intended uses.

The is no inherent advantage to PCs/Windows in this regarded, in general terms.
The new Macbook Pro 14" and Pro 16" are pretty cool under normal sustained loads. The tests I've seen showed CPU temps below 60C when under full load. That is without a heavy load on the GPU though.

I would say the new Mac's are generally cooler than their Windows counterparts from having much more power efficient CPU's. AMD and Intel systems have been getting progressively hotter in large part because clock speeds have got so high.

There is beefier cooling in PC's your right but it's also needed. With that being said though, you could build a PC with the equivalent performance of an M1/M2 based system and configure it in such a way that it runs cooler.