Question Macbook Air Top Case Replacement


Aug 28, 2017
I am going to be replacing the top case on my Macbook Air (Early 2014, 13") after accidentally breaking the keyboard. I have already purchased a new top case and have the tools to do the job, I was just wondering if someone could refer me to a video or a guide that will help me do this. I've been looking at the iFixit guide so far. Is this is the best one?
Oct 24, 2018
I advise you on this manual and do. I sorted out my poppy and collected it according to this manual. The main thing is not to confuse the bolts and fold on the layout.
iFixit guides are usually good. Just be sure to clean the heatsink, CPU and anything else with thermal paste when reassembling. This is mandatory. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is excellent. Gelid GC3 and Arctic Silver 5 are also good. If applied properly. Your Macbook will likely run a little cooler than before (at least lower fan RPM). As Apple like other manufacturers use way too much paste. A thin layer is plenty as you are just filling miniscule voids on the surface of the CPU and heatsink.

For cleaning a laptop CPU. I use a QTip dipped in alcohol (squeezed to be damp not dripping wet) rather than a cloth. As it allows finer control. As laptop CPU usually don't have a heat spreader to protect sensitive parts. I try avoiding the little chips sticking up around the core. Isopropyl Alcohol is fine rather than whatever product they are using.