Question Macbook Pro Mid 2012 overheating issues ?


Sep 28, 2019
For quite a bit of time now, I've switched to using a mid-2012 MBP as my primary workstation. It's holding up great for now but there are two glaring issues I'm encountering.
First is that the battery sucks, but since I'm staying at home due to COVID (I have my mac plugged in frequently) and I'll probably replace it in the future anyways, it's not that big of a deal.
The second one though is much more of a pain in the ass. It sometimes will just overheat for some reason. Now keep in mind I don't really run anything intensive. Yes, I tried gaming on it before but I basically never game on this thing ever. The most intensive thing I've run besides that is just android studio for the emulator, vscode, and chrome. I've tried switching back to Safari but that doesn't help much. Installing TG Pro it seems like my MBP is constantly hovering between 80-85 degrees with spikes up to 90~96 degrees which sucks especially for my left hand as the left side of my mac overheats there. Is this something that can be fixed with programs like TG Pro or Mac fan controls or are there any other solutions? As I don't really want my laps to be medium rare each session on my couch nor do I want an external fan blowing directly to my mac each time I want to use it.
Oct 28, 2021
Yeah it didn't help that much though
Did you as well change the thermal paste of the cpu and gpu? If it's an old macbook from 2012 the paste might be completely dry by now. Changing the paste in my 2015 Macbook did help a lot. On the other hand you should have a look at the activity monitor to find out which tasks do have high cpu-usage. Sometimes these are strange backgroundtasks which run even if you don't have any heavy software open.