Question Macbook Pro vs Dell XPS 15


Mar 20, 2014
I am a freelance video editor. I edit gaming footages and montages and have to apply effects such as RSMB and many adjustment layers with transitions and stuff.
I currently have an MSI gaming laptop with i7-9750H, 32 gigs RAM and rtx 2060. But due to its bad thermal performance, I am only able to run the cpu at base clock which is 2.6Ghz.
A 5 minute fully edited video takes about 2 to 4 hours to render so Im thinking of upgrading my gaming desktop pc which has an i5 6500 + r9 280x.

Now, I have two options:

I can either upgrade my desktop to the new ryzen 9 5900x (gpu will still be r9 280x)
I can buy a macbook pro i7 version probably

The difference would obviously be portability and working while travelling but I'm unable to find the exact difference in performance.

I've read that the final cut pro is very optimized and extremely fast as compared to premiere pro but it's like comparing apples to oranges.

So the final battle is between:

Macbook pro with i7 10th gen with final cut pro


Ryzen 9 5900x with windows premiere pro.

Please don't think that I haven't researched on these things first. I have tried to find answers on my own but I failed to do so. That's why I'm asking here.

Thank you in advance :)


MacBook Pros are extremely expensive compared to any similarly equipped Windows laptop.
this is the late 2019 MacBook pro with a 16 inch screen. it is $2199
It has an i7-9750H 6-core cpu, 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB SSD and an AMD RX-5500M 4 GB GPU
Here is the 2020 model, only 13 inch screen. its $1989
This has an i5-10th gen, he same AMD RX-5500M, 16 GB ram and a 1TB SSD
This has a 17.3" Screen, r7-4800H 8-core CPU, 16 GB RAM, a RTX 2060, and a 1TB SSD Its $1364

The Windows PC has less screen resolution (only 1920x1080), but that is a better gaming resolution for the included GPU than the 4K resolutions of the MacBooks.