Apr 9, 2012
I was planning on getting my wife a Macbook Pro and i just realized they haven't put the IB cpus in them yet. Not really sure if i should wait or not. Just looking for some advice. She is goign to use it for school, basic internet browsing (a lot of facebook and all that), only real game she plays is WoW (ooccasionally). The price isn't too big of a deal but it's definitely between the 13 or 15. The 17 is out of the question. Thanks for any advice.
If she wants to play games of any sort then just make sure the MBP has a dedicated graphic card. The Intel HD 3000 can be used to play some games, but it is still considered a very basic graphic core. The Intel HD 4000 in the IB CPUs would be better since it is definitely more powerful, but still weak.