[SOLVED] MacBook Pro's built-In camera not detected ?

May 7, 2021
I'm not really much of a tech guy, but the way this problem has annoyed me made me already fed up.

So basically, over a year and half ago, I had my camera working just perfectly fine on my laptop (OS X Yosemite), however after a while I noticed that Photo Booth kept saying "There is no connected camera," tried the sudo Killall command over 8 times in terminal now yet it didn't work. Later, (OS X El Capitan) I found out that the system report said there was "no" connected camera, and now I have almost lost hope in retrieving the device's camera.

Any help is greatly appreciated

If it's not showing in System Profiler. It's most likely dead. You can try an OS reinstall to see if it shows up. You can also try Bootcamp with Windows or Ubuntu to see if it shows up there.