Question Machine Check Exception BSOD

May 4, 2020
Recently I have had problems with my computer. Sometimes when I am just on my computer it will crash with the machine check exception error. The screen freezes and then the computer crashes and does not restart so I have to force restart it. I have posted questions about this here before but no one could help. I took it to a computer repair shop and they tried a lot of what I did already, they tested the ssd but it was fine. The other day I started risk of rain 2, and the game crashed within 2 minutes. When it crashed it actually restarted and gave me some info. I don't know if it means anything but if anyone here can decipher it and give me any leads to what part is causing it, I would greatly appreciate it!
These are my specs:
Intel i7-9700kf (lga1151)
Gigabyte b365m ds3h
Corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 8gb 2666mhz (just one stick)
Adata 256gb ssd/Seagate Barracuda st2000dm006 2tb hdd sp920ss
Nvidia GeForce rtx 2060
Evga 500b 500watts I got it mid 2017
I have a evo hyper cooler for my cpu and have never overclocked it
This is the google drive link to the crash files it is zipped and the direct