Mad Catz Shows Off Android Console, Controller

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Apr 1, 2013
Not sure what's so revolutionary about the controller, it looks very similar to the 360's. Not that it's a bad thing.


Apr 24, 2010
wow. they didnt even try and optimize it at all, the on screen buttons are still there! What is the point in that if you dont even have a touchscreen


Oct 18, 2012
"People are already comfortable buying games from Google Play, Amazon, TegraZone or any other retailer of their choice. They play those games on their phones and tablets already, and with M.O.J.O., they will be able to play them in the living room at no additional cost,"

This is poor logic. We play Android games on our phones and tablets because we're not home within reach of our major gaming platforms. We simply put up with them.


Sep 20, 2012
Not sure why this won't be a T4. There won't be anything better on the market at the price ($25?) and even S800 won't match the gpu (A330 should be below based on their own comments vs. A320). Nothing else has as many games getting optimized for their tech either. Nobody else has tegrazone type store with a bunch of games that look better on their hardware.

What does toms expect to be in this? Apple will surely have a better gpu, but I'm talking android and Apple doesn't give their socs out. If this is going to make xmas whatever they are using in it needs to be shipping next month at least since it takes a good 5 months to get a product out after receiving the soc. I'd suggest they seek a tegra contract especially with their strong gaming dev ties (like Epic etc) :) Not joining all the other T4 devices coming (in console variety I mean, not phones, though tablets have quite a few coming now too) that will be playing better looking games vs. competition seems dumb. Maybe they could put a T4+ in or something (which like T3+ will probably be a drop in upgrade with faster clocks again) but I doubt anything else will be better. T5 brings kepler also, so you might as well get used to the soc dev that is bringing desktop gpu's to mobile next year NOW right? With kepler+NV's already done drivers being in a soc next year, I'm guessing porting stuff to android on already optimized driver sets should be easier to eke out max perf. Game devs are VERY familiar with kepler tech and NV's driver teams. This seems like a no brainer to gravitate to them or even AMD eventually when their soc hits (just because both have tons of gaming/driver experience with game devs).

If AMD can make it to their soc debut, they have a chance but consoles won't save them. They need their soc out ASAP so they can start tapping the same thing NV will have next year. ALL that gpu/gaming/dev/driver experience crammed in a soc. Joining that market might get AMD back to black. Consoles will barely mitigate the hemorrhaging of money.


Mar 31, 2009
You guys are missing the point of the Mad Catz Mojo console. The console supports NVidias game streaming technology. Mojo has a HMDI to the TV + new controller + Steam Big Picture = no need for XboxOne or PS4 if you have a already bad ass PC. personally, I have a completely overkilled PC so this release of the Mojo gives me a woody.


Sep 20, 2012
[quotemsg=10983371,0,230873]You guys are missing the point of the Mad Catz Mojo console. The console supports NVidias game streaming technology. Mojo has a HMDI to the TV + new controller + Steam Big Picture = no need for XboxOne or PS4 if you have a already bad ass PC. personally, I have a completely overkilled PC so this release of the Mojo gives me a woody.[/quotemsg]

Not missing that at all. I think EVERY product coming that is based on T4 (minus phones/tablets) is aimed at consoles. Handhelds or consoles directly, but the whole point of these is aimed at both. The games this year or next will be as good as all current gen and wiiu (which isn't even as good as xbox360, so easy to catch them and they have no games...LOL).

Also to my earlier point (that it has tegra):
"Unlike Ouya and GameStick, which have their own interfaces and app stores, M.O.J.O. runs a stock version of Android with Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Nvidia TegraZone pre-loaded. If you already have a big library of games on an Android phone or tablet, you won’t have to re-purchase those games on M.O.J.O."

Not quite sure how ANY other consoles can run tegrazone (preloaded supposedly) without having a TEGRA in the box.
"For processing, Mad Catz hasn't committed to any specific silicon yet, but it's currently investigating Nvidia's Tegra 4 processor, which was also unveiled at CES earlier this year. If the company lands on Nvidia's new mobile chip, however, it could prove to be a competitive edge and an alluring prospect to consumers. Not only would it be a generation ahead of the Ouya, it'd also come equipped with Nvidia's Shield technology, which allows players to stream full HD games from their PC over a local Wi-Fi network."

I don't see anyone saying anything but NV at the moment and it's supposedly a xmas device. Which again, you need to be shipping product in July for that. This isn't competition directly aimed at shield as it isn't handheld for on the go gaming. It stays hooked up in your house and will probably be under $200 and have games that most likely look as good or better then wiiu and a WHOLE lot more out of the gate on android.
asphalt 8 looks pretty nice...
brothers in arms 2 vid looks good also above, and I could throw in a huge list of links from previous posts that show android is a serious game platform (here they are again):

Demon Score (square enix)

Wild Blood

Note the unreal engine 3 is just kicking off on mobile, a lot more in the pipe. Also Real Boxing and Hawken (hawken is coming, NV showed it running on T4 already).

Modern Combat 1-4:

Make sure you up the video to 1080p... It rocks. This is PRE-T4. These are made for current crap T3 etc...OLD, some even T2 games below.

Eternity Warriors 2 (1-5mil installs in the last 30
WOW, no, there will be no good games on tablets/phones etc. :)

Iron Man 3 (impressive to say the least)

Frontline Commando

Nova 3 (nova 1 & 2 aren't bad either)

Dark Knight Rises:

Gangstar Rio

Shadowgun (still think tablets are crap?)

Bard's Tale (hey, isn't this a CONSOLE game...LOL)

ArmA2: Firing Range (not impressive, but this was 2011...LOL)

Again for Tegra2...

Renaissance Blood

Zombie Driver THD

Chaos Rings 1 & 2:
Please realize it's in english when you buy it...LOL

Blazing Souls Accelate:

Final Fantasy 3 in 3d (2006 game but on current handhelds)

Amazing Spiderman:

Need for Speed Most Wanted:

Asphalt 7

COD Black Ops Zombie game...Who knew?
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