Made a stupid mistake please help


Oct 22, 2006
I ordered my 1st build last thursday i dont think Ebuyer has dispatched it yet as im not due too get it till thursday this coming week, anyway this is the problem i ordered a Asus M2N-E after it being reccomended too me on another forum the thing is i didnt bother looking at any proper opinions on the Mobo and now i have its given me a hear attack put it that way the max ram voltage is 1.95 which is just pathetic so i will not be able to overclock that thing atall, anyway i was looking at another board and i spotted the DFI Infinity nF UltraII-M2/G SKT AM2, this board looks like a killer over clocker and i would like too know yous opinions on it and will i be able too quickly cancel the order on the horrible mobo ive ordered.

My specs will be

3800 X2 AM2
2 gigs of corsair value select pc 5300 667 mhz
160 gig western digital sata 2 7200 rpm
XFX 7900 GT
sony dvd re writer
580 hiper PSU


Dec 5, 2006
Surely you should be in touch already with Ebuyer to change your order?

If the new mobo costs more than the old one, they should be happy to exchange it for you, especially if the mobo box is unopened. I have found them very helpful as a supplier.

Good Luck :p