'Mage's Tale' VR Dungeon Crawler, Hands On

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Most of the big developers took (some are still taking) a “wait and see” approach to VR, letting the indie crowd figure out the dos and don’ts of building VR games.
Yup, why risk anything if the indie developers are willing to go first. Fits the philosophy of money above risking losses with innovation that they hold. Many a new game gets ignored if they don't think return on investment will be good... while franchises like CoD, even as old and tired as it is, with all the issues it has had with cheats and hacks, are made instead of something new and different.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Bethesda has welcomed VR with open arms and has three major titles launching later this year,
Zenimax, through Bethesda, may be doing this to try to say they had an interest in VR all along, despite shelving VR before Carmack left. It may be a "rub it in your face" thing with Oculus.

NOTE: All this is speculation, I have neither evidence to support nor evidence to disprove any of this.
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