Magic Leap Creator Edition Priced Like High-End Tablet, Smartphone

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[quotemsg=20708625,0,5190]"...people who want to get an early taste of what the future looks like."

Riding on the coattails of existing hardware like HoloLens, of course.[/quotemsg]
This is what hololens wants to be. At least the display technology, that is. Hololens has a fairly narrow range of distances it can support, since its image plane is at a fixed focal distance.

One reason Magic Leap got delayed for so long is that it needs a beefy GPU to do the lightfield rendering. MS couldn't have introduced hololens when it did (or else it'd have been even more expensive and used a saddlepack or VR backpack), if it used a lightfield display.

It will be interesting to see what GPU Magic Leap finally went with. I wonder if it could possibly be Nvidia's Xavier.
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