News Magnetic Levitation Switches Feel Like Typing on Air

Aug 3, 2021
I wouldn't say they're like, "typing on air". More like, "typing with magnets" 👍

I'm currently working on making the Riskeyboard 70 PCB and the AKU PCBs available for order and when that happens I'll also make the OpenSCAD .scad files and firmware available for download (all open source). In the mean time here's a rundown on some of my keyboard and switch features:

Hot swap top plate:

Keyboard top plates can be washed in the sink with soap and water:

Integrated infrared receiver that lets you turn any old remote into a wireless macro pad:

Tech can be used to make keyboards in any size/shape:

Parametric/generative design (I'm fooling around with some of the parameters in this gif):

LED display and ultra bright RGB LEDs:

Mouse bungee accessory (has two high quality skate bearings inside it):

Analog rotary encoder:

Cookie dispenser (obviously the most important thing!):

Video about adding relays to my keyboard (that uses those 3D printed switches):

HaD previously featured an article about my magnetically-stabilized stabilizer design which is also in use in my Riskeyboard 70: