Question Magnetic USB cables


Jul 17, 2013
I just discovered magnetic cables are a thing and now I want them for everything.

What also seems to be the case is that different products aren't cross-compatible so I guess I should pick one brand that does everything I need, otherwise it would be an even more hassle to change cables when I need something done.

I'm looking for a brand/product that:

  • offers USB-C, Lightning and microUSB (I think every brand has these so this is not an issue)
  • offers both USB-C and USB-A variant on the other end
  • offers cables in various lengths from 0.5m to 2m
  • Ideally offers connectors both I-shaped as well as L-shaped
  • cables and connectors are good quality (braided, not hard to twist)
  • ideally offers variants where both ends are detachable (if there's a detachable USB-A variant, that would be the best)
  • charging-only is OK, data transfer not needed. Needs to handle at least 3A current tho.
  • needs to be available or able to ship to Europe
I also found that some magnetic connections are circle-shaped which I guess makes orientation of the cable completely irrelevant? That would be even more cool.

Volta cables seem to be the prototype for this kind of thing but they don't offer all the features I'd need, in particular cross-compatibility and various lengths.

Any recommendations? Thanks!