Question Magnetized LED light strip fell on my pc while at work, ran fine before but now won't send signal to Monitor


Jul 18, 2015
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Title. PC ran fine before work but when I came home I found a magnetized LED strip at the top of the case had fallen and was resting on Graphics card. I have the x299 mobo with a 1070TI and 2 8gb sticks of RAM. I went through the basic troubleshoot for when PC won't POST, but that did nothing. I find it weird that when I had problems with the PC POSTing before, a simple press of the power button would turn off my pc... However even though it won't send a signal to my monitor now I need to hold the power button for several seconds to get it to turn off, similar to the other PC in my house that's working.

Any possible ideas as to what may be the problem? I tried different graphics cards and a combo of HDMI and DVI cables.

EDIT: the POST Lights on the mobo... cpu lights up and turns off as DRM lights up, DRM turns off and goes back to cpu as cpu turns on, turns off for DRM to turn on and then VGA lights up with a white light.

(I really hope the edit isn't too confusing)
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