Mail contacts fail to load



When I start mail it says contacts fail to load and exits with a msoe.dll error

If I copy the desktop.ini file off a USB drive into the contacts folder it then starts fine
and load the contacts with no trouble.

If I then log out and back in the error is there again. Overwite the desktop.ini file
from the USB drive again and it works ok again.

The desktop.ini file has the same attributes and owner (different name) settings
as another user on the machine that doesnt have the problem.
I tried copying a good desktop file into the suspect folder and editing the name but that behaves the same.
i.e. the fault cant be the file itself but must be something related to the account name.

The file has the same content after re-logging on as the file on the USB drive.

I cant find a single difference between a working users file (or parent folder)
and the one that doesnt work right.

Can anyone suggest what may be causing this ?
(security/Virus scans etc all done)

This machine is otherwise ok.
(My format problem is a different machine in case anyone was wondering)
First, what program are you using for email? Second, what format is the contacts in? Why is it in a folder instead of the email store for the program? Are you trying to share the contact list between different Windows accounts? Are file rights set properly?

Hard to figure out what you did and are doing here.


theres nothing hard here - clearly its windows mail - anyone who knows anything and has
read his message can see that.

I suggest trying to load winmail with just the external drive plugged in but DONT copy the INI file first
If it works its because you backed up winmail to the usb and KNOWN bug redirected the program
to always look there for it instead of where it was initially installed.