Main monitor flickering and going crazy when plugging up second monitor.

Sep 29, 2018
So here is the deal, I have a radeon rx 480 8gb. When i plugin my main monitor which is an LG 23 Mp68vg through my Hdmi it works fine. But does not work when I use my display port to HDMI cable. Now I would chalk this up to a bad cable. But when i have my main LG display hooked up into my HDMI and try to connect my graphics tablet which is a HUION gt -191 with the display port to HDMI adapter my main LG monitor goes bananas and turns off within 10 seconds then neither of my monitors display. But when I switch the cables to the opposite monitors, my HUION will not go bananas and the LG will just not display. in my display settings it will detect saying that it is a non generic pnp monitor. And if I restart the PC the post logo for my ASUS motherboard will show on my LG, but after the windows screen comes up my HUION Displays and the LG goes back to being black. I've tried updating drivers for the monitors through device settings and graphics card, updated windows, uninstalled monitors and allowed them to reconnect. Nothing I have no idea whats going on. This never happened before and I have been using this settup for half a year.

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